(Photo: Whooping crane, by Anna Hesser)

Ann Hamilton has lived in Houston for nearly 35 years, serving as Senior Grant Officer at Houston Endowment for 18 years before retiring in 2009. At the Houston Endowment, Hamilton helped initiate and nurture programs that conserve and restore natural resources. Today she serves on the boards of the Bayou City Initiative and the International Crane Foundation, protecting residents from flooding and the whooping crane from extinction.

Hamilton worries that her hard work will be eradicated if storm surge hits the Ship Channel. That is why she wrote a letter to the Harris County Commissioners Court, urging them to apply for an environmental permit to build Galveston Bay Park.

In her letter Hamilton explains that Jesse Jones, the business leader behind the construction of the Houston Ship Channel, whose wealth funded the Houston Endowment, would agree with her. Jones, she says,

would be first in line to support this bold project for its economic, social, and recreational benefits.

Watch Hamilton make her case in this short video.