On May 8, 2019, environmental attorney and co-director of Rice University’s SSPEED Center appeared on the radio show Houston Matters, where he discussed his latest research paper. Listen in here (the interview starts at Min. 5:45). Here’s a quotation from the interview:

A storm about 15% larger than Ike, that made landfall where Ike was projected to come in at the south end of Galveston Island in the San Luis Pass area, could easily generate 20 feet of surge in the Houston Ship Channel. It would flood all of the western banks of Galveston Bay, the east part of Harris county, the east part of Galveston county. It is about 800,000 people that are at risk, 2.2 million barrels a day of refining capacity, 200 to 300 chemical plants. All of those could be impacted to some serious degree by these flood waters and it would probably be one of the worst environmental and economic disasters in United States history.

Let’s not allow this to happen.