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If you would like to learn more about the Galveston Bay Park, we have the following resources to offer:

Research Paper on National Security, published by the Baker Institute

Houston-Area Surge Flooding and its Effects on Regional and National Security, by Jim Blackburn. Excerpt:

Hurricane surge flooding is often overlooked in Houston, particularly in the years after Hurricane Harvey,which was a rainfall flooding event. However, no issue poses a greater threat to the economic security of the area than does surge flooding, due to the high likelihood of property damage and a potentially massive loss of life.

Surge flooding would also affect the Houston Ship Channel, the Texas City refining complex, and the Bay port Industrial District, all of which represent key suppliers of refined oil products and plastics. The loss of production in the Galveston Bay shoreline area would profoundly affect U.S. national security, regional and local economies in Texas,and people’s lives and well-being.

An Architectural Vision for Galveston Bay

Galveston Bay Park: A Vision for Houston and Galveston Bay, by Rogers Partners. Excerpt:

Without action the Houston and Galveston Bay region remains on the precipice of imminent devastation. With the support of public and private local leadership, we can protect and bolster the vitality, economy, and health of this vibrant and important community by implementing a regional surge protection system that also provides recreational opportunities for all to enjoy. It’s time to act, again.