On May 16, the Texas Signal reported on the community meeting on storm surge protection that Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia had hosted a day earlier.  Here is an excerpt:

The general mood among the panel: time is running out to do something before the next big storm hits.

“Over 800,000 residents are at risk,” said Jim Blackburn, a Rice University professor and co-director of the school’s Severe Storm Prediction, Education and Evacuation from Disaster Center.

Using Army Corps of Engineers modeling, Blackburn showed concerned audience members what a category 3 storm could do to the Galveston-Harris County bay area.

Blackburn said a storm of that size could produce a destructive surge measuring between 20 to 25 feet in height. Those waves would devastate the Houston Ship Channel and surrounding oil infrastructure. They would unleash 90 million gallons of oil and hazardous substances into the area and bring the region’s economy to a grinding halt for months.