The person behind GalvestonBayPark.org is Nivien Saleh, a filmmaker who loves Houston.

I believe that near the heart of Houston’s identity is its petrochemical industry. Located along the Houston Ship Channel, it powers the U.S. economy and provides many Texans with good employment and business income.

At present, rising global temperatures cause more violent hurricanes and threaten the  Ship Channel and the petrochemical industry with a horrific environmental catastrophe.

When a major hurricane with storm surge hits the Channel, chemical tanks will break from their moorings, spreading toxic materials across hundreds of square miles.

If we act now, we can prevent the disaster.

The Galveston Bay Park plan will protect the Ship Channel and the west side of Galveston Bay, from Texas City up to Baytown. Moreover, it will create magnificent wildlife habitat and recreational access to the bay for all of us. What’s not to love?

I want us all to live in a healthy environment. That’s why I decided to provide information about the Galveston Bay Park plan and help make it a reality.

Happy browsing.